The main part of our services relates to our operation as a Certification and Inspection Body in cooperation with Certification International (UK), with activities in the South East part of Europe and Mediterranean areas.

These services are mainly related to Quality or Environment or Food Safety or Occupational Health and Safety or Information Security Systems Certifications.

In the Inspection area we are keen on product inspections and certifications, as well as second and third party audits.

In addition our services cover conformity and origin assessments and certifications, process audits and verifications of implementation of Good Manufacturing or Good Agronomical Practices.

Verification audits and assessments cover Claims and Statements as well Codes of Conduct and specific protocols.

I.C.B. Operations Ltd undertakes subcontracted activities in the areas of channel management, reservation management, advertising and promotion management for various touristic activities like specific rentals, ie boutique hotels, villas, yachts, sailing boats, charters, rentals, etc Already keen on relevant software programs’ development, employs the professional resources needed to offer on line services including remote customer management in a differentiated way that assures professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness.

I.C.B. Operations Ltd offers guaranteed results at unique rates based on revenue increase and profit optimization.

I.C.B. Operations Ltd offers specifically designed software programs in a differentiated way that assures innovation, efficiency and effectiveness based in its unique knowledge and application of ISO 27001 Standard on Information Security. This is achieved through highly experienced and recognized experts that really make the difference.

I.C.B. Operations Ltd selects to develop only certified and standardised software applications and programs that promotes offering a variety of licencing agreement to suit every need.