Confidentiality Policy

International Certification Bureau

Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality is one of I.C.B. policy principles in the management systems conformity certification. I.C.B. is liable not to disclose the information belonging to the client and that are necessary to the company in order to perform the certification requirements conformity assessment.

I.C.B. personnel involved in audit and assessment activities comply with the regulations regarding the confidentiality of information obtained during the certification process by signing the Code of Conduct and the Confidentiality Statement.

These are the principles referring to confidentiality of information:

All information within the certification file are confidential
Access to information from the certification file is granted only to audit team members, the Impartiality Insurance Committee, the reviewer, the conformity certificate holder and I.C.B. Head of certification
Other persons’ access to the information within the certification file or revealing of information is made only with the written approval of the conformity certificate holder and I.C.B. Head of certification and only after signing the confidentiality agreement
Information of any kind, either or not on material support, written or unwritten, obtained during audit visits, will not be disclosed to third parties and will not be used for another professional activity apart from the conformity certification process
Upon completion of the archiving period, the file containing the certification documents is destroyed and electronic traces are deleted
Access to I.C.B. internal documents, apart from the ones in the certification file, is made only with the legal representative’s approval and/or client’s consent
The reason of not granting the conformity certificate to an applicant is confidential

The following information is not considered confidential:

Conformity certificate renewal, limitation, expansion of the certification domain
Suspension or suspension annulment for the granted conformity certificate
Withdrawal of granted conformity certificate

In case of collaboration with external companies/individuals that perform activities together with I.C.B. or in its name, an equivalent confidentiality agreement is signed where the confidentiality of information is stipulated, for certification activities.